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Olivia Cece

Olivia Cece is a Rhode Island born dancer who has been living and training professionally in New York City for the last four years. She just recently signed with Clear Talent Group, and graduated from the acclaimed Pace University Commercial Dance Program, where she trained in all forms of dance and was able to work very closely with choreographers and teacher such as Rhonda Miller, Liz Imperio, Tiler Peck, Robbie FairChild, Alexandra Damiani, Nick Kenkel, Scott Jovovich, Jessica Hendricks, Suzi Taylor, and many more.

Olivia has recently choreographed a video commercial shoot and was the main dancer for the brand Ilo Gear based out of Miami, FL. She danced in the new nation-wide Adidas commercial, was hired as the principal dancer for a new print ad for one of the largest tech companies and was also one of the dancers hired in a commercial for "The Lotte Palace" in NYC.

Olivia has just begun auditioning for Broadway, which is where she would love to see her career go next. Her focus will remain on singing intensely, acting, and keeping up her love for her craft. 

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