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Casie 'Tynee' Goshow

Casie Goshow, aka B-Girl 'Tynee' is hip hop choreographer and break dancer, who has been teaching both hip hop and break dancing for more than the last 10 years around the country. She is originally from a small town in Pennsylvania and went to live in New York City after college, before making the move to Los Angeles. She has worked in the commercial entertainment industry working a variety of jobs as she pursues her dreams. Casie has worked side by side with various artists and organizations such as Chris Brown, Lil John, Psy, French Montana, Beats Superbowl Commercial, the NBA, Adidas and was a Las Vegas Season 12 Street Finalist on So You Think You Can Dance?

Currently she is touring around the country teaching kids of all ages at studios, conventions and competitions. Casie has worked for Excel In Motion, Joffrey Summery Hip Hop Intensive, Shake the Ground, Alvin Ailey, Legacy, Turn It Up, In The Groove and more over the years. Casie owns her own clothing line, Goshow Yourself, which was created in response to the bullying occurring around the country. She wanted a clothing line that inspired people of all ages and walks of life to have the courage and confidence to be themselves.

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